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The fight against cancer has seen quite a few points of inflection and has traversed significant changes in the mindset. Once cancer was a near invincible adversary, and today cancer care is practiced with one inherent premise - cancer is conquerable! Our battle, at Shri Ram Krishna Sewa Sadan- a Charitable Trust, has seen several milestones too and we stand on the cusp of a very major one. Cancer care at Shri Ram Krishna Sewa Sadan completes two decades of excellence and expertise. In this transformative journey, spanning over two decades, Shri Ram Krishna Sewa Sadan has pioneered several game-changing developments and has set benchmarks in clinical and service excellence in cancer care. Cutting edge medical technology, stringent quality protocols and deep empathy have been the hallmarks of our cancer programme.
Our mission is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes. Shri Ram Krishna Sewa Sadan- a Charitable Trust brings together the brightest minds in surgical, medical & radiation oncology, along with a complete range of high-end ancillary experts. For patients, we stand for hope and the resolute truth that cancer is conquerable ! Cancer care requires commitment, expertise and an indomitable spirit. It also demands innovation and a fresh way of thinking. At Shri Ram Krishna Sewa Sadan we believe we can help foster and nurture ideas that will trigger the next wave of brilliance in cancer care. Initatives like the International Cancer Conclave, back our vision with action, recharge our agenda with collaborative brilliance. Together I believe we have what is takes to fulfil our commitment, and make Cancer Conquerable. Here's to a brighter future. A healthier future.


We are followers of Bhagwan Sri Ram Krishna Dev, Mother Sharada and our Ideal is Swami Vivekananda whose clarion call proclaimed as "MAN IS DIVINE WHO CAN SHOW MERCY TO HIM; WE CAN WORSHIP GOD THE ALMIGHTY BY SERVING OUR NEEDY LESS FORTUNATE BROTHERS AND SISTERS"-rang throughout the world. Where Sri Ramkrishna Dev is our ideal of Bhakti, Mahavtar Baba Ji is our ideal for Kriya Yoga who preached The Gita as Kriya Yoga and blessed us to follow the same path. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA-OUR IDEAL WHO ROARED " MAN IS DIVINE"