Diabets is an epidemic of today especially in India. This disease ends with Systemic Failure especially of Liver, Kidney, and Heart. We in our diagnostic unit do all tests like Diabetic Profile, Cardiac Profile, Kidney Profile, Liver Profile, Complete Blood Count 16 Parameters etc with X-Ray, And ECG. Complicated tests are done with Diagno Labs India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon. Our Registration No. is C003033.These tests are done on 10% concessional rates from the market.
Chest X-ray in Rs. 100, KUB in Rs. 120 and spine in Rs. 200/-. ECG is done in Rs. 150/-. Dr. Naveen Sharma M.D. Medicine and cardiology, Dr. K.K.Gupta D.M.Endocrinology and Dr. R.B.Singh D.Card. , Dr. A.B.Dey M.D. Medicine Geriatrics help us in solving the problems of the patients.
Dr. Deepak K. Jain, Dr. Vineet Tyagi and Dr. T.K. Chakravorty FCCS are the resident doctors who treat the patients with Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Medicines. 1047 patients of Diabetes and Cardiac problems were treated. We need the following for better treatment and service of poor patients free of cost::

  • MEDICINES                                            15,00,000/-
  • DOCTOR'S SALARY 25,000X2X12         06,00,000/-
  • ASSISTANT'S SALARY 10,000X12         01,20,000/-
  • LAB CHEMICALS                                      02,00,000/-
  • X-RAY FILMS ETC                                     01,00,000/-


    This is the specific centre of the Cancer Hospital assisting patients with chemotherapy @Rs. 20,000/- now. All other expenses are exempted for the patients. Dr. Mamta Sangla M.B.B.S., M.S. ONCOLOGY, the Oncologist comes here to see the patients and chemo therapy. Total no. of patients is 1289. We need its expansion and building too. Donations for medicines are also required.